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✓ Understand SEO well beyond any checklist or plugin
✓ Ins and outs of a successful SEO strategy 
✓SEO for Blogger and Wordpress
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Build a Foundation

Finally understand SEO instead of just relying on checklists and plugins to give you the green light!

Learn what SEO is, what affects it (and what doesn't), and how you can use SEO strategies to increase traffic to your blog, and ultimately increase sales as well! 

Step-by-Step Process

Walk step-by-step through the process I use to create and optimize every blog post and every product page. 

Plus, you'll get all the tools you need to implement this process on your own sites.

You'll also create an overall Brand SEO Strategy to grow your site as a whole!

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorial vault will show you exactly what to do for SEO on your platform! No more guessing or searching for how-to videos... they're all right here!

Wordpress. Blogger. TeachersPayTeachers. Pinterest. YouTube. 

(Don't see one of your platforms... just ask!)


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