Get more eyes on your website

and your products

without running the social media hamster wheel or paying for ads

If you're a teacher author or blogger looking to grow your business without constantly chasing followers on social media, then you already know that you need to drive more traffic to your site.

You've created amazing resources, you've crafted the perfect cover images, but you KNOW you have to work to get them in front of your buyers, Gone are the days of posting a resource in your shop, and listening to the cha-chings roll in.

These days, you have to work to get traffic to your site. 

But that doesn't mean you have to spend hours posting on social and praying someone clicks your link.


This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in!



{and how Search Engine Optimization can help you}

  • SEO is free!

    When you optimize pages for search engines, you're optimizing for organic (read: free!) searches. 
  • Organic search results get more clicks than paid ads.

    Even though ads show up first on the Google search results page, 71.33% of searchers skip over those and click on an organic search result from the first page. 
  • SEO is a long-term strategy.

    Once you've created pages that Google (and other search engines) think is quality content, worthy of showing in search results, those pages will continue to send traffic to your site for months (and often even years) after it's been published! 
  • SEO = Quality Traffic

    Search Engine Optimization targets people who are already looking for what you have to offer! (Instead of throwing things out on social and hoping it happens to land in the right person's feed.) Since these people are actively searching for help online, your marketing efforts will be much more effective!


Shh... I'm going to let you in on a little secret

SEO doesn't have to be hard or confusing. Sure, it's a little technical.

But all you need is a simple system and the right person to teach you the ins and outs of SEO best practices.


SEO for Teacher Authors

Your guide to understanding and implementing an effective SEO strategy on any platform.


"I have seen a significant increase in blog traffic and opt-in sign ups!"

Christa J.

“This course is SOOOO helpful!”

Carrie T.

"One of the best courses I have ever taken!"

Laurie F.

Let's grow your business by increasing traffic to your posts and products!

If you're ready to really understand Search Engine Optimization once and for all, on all your platforms...

SEO for Teacher Authors is just for you!

  • Understand SEO well beyond any checklist or plugin
  • Ins and outs of a successful SEO strategy
  • SEO for Blogger and Wordpress
  • SEO for your products, including TPT and your own site

Here's how we're gonna get there...

Module 1

SEO 101

Learn fundamentals of SEO including terminology, web tools you can use, and what Google does and doesn't use to rank your pages.

Module 2

Keyword Research

Understand how to research keywords for a post or product and how to choose the best focus keyword based on the specific objective of the page.

Module 3

On-Page SEO

In this module, you'll find out exactly how to optimize the SEO ranking factors for each of your pages.  We'll cover titles, headings, images, and more!

Module 4

Technical SEO

We'll go a little deeper and optimize the behind the scenes parts of your website. Good news - it's not as scary as it sounds!

Module 5

Big Picture SEO

Once you've optimized existing pages, the next step is building SEO for your brand as a whole. Learn how to strategically plan your content for maximum SEO impact.


SEO for your TPT Products

Learn exactly how to apply what you've learned about SEO to optimize your TPT product listings & boost views of your products.

Coaching Calls

You'll get weekly group coaching calls where you can ask specific questions, get tech help, and ask for feedback on your SEO work. This round of SEO for Teacher Authors will include 5 weekly coaching calls!


What kind of support will I have? 

As a member of SEO for Teacher Authors, you get access to our members only Facebook group where you can ask questions and get help implementing what you learn. 

You'll also get weekly live coaching calls where you can get my eyes on your site and get help with your specific questions. 

Don't know if you can make live calls? No problem... you can pre-submit questions and watch the replay anytime. 

You’re Ready for SEO for Teacher Authors if...

  1. You're just getting started with your blog or website, and you want to do it right from the beginning.
  2. You know you need to optimize for SEO, but aren't sure where to start.
  3. You have a Blogger blog, and heard that you can't do SEO there... spoiler alert: YOU CAN!!
  4. You have a WordPress site, but you know you need to understand SEO instead of just trying for a green dot on a plugin.
  5. You've considered hiring a VA to do social media for you, but the per page price tag is way too high. (Sometimes $100/page!)
  6. You're willing to put in the work on the front-end to build lasting traffic to your site... so you don't have to constantly run on the social media hamster wheel.

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of these, I can’t wait to meet you inside SEO for Teacher Authors!


You may be wondering...

Absolutely! No matter where you start, you'll finish this course feeling grounded in solid SEO strategies. You'll have step-by-step processes for improving SEO on every post, page, and product PLUS strategies to keep improving your Brand SEO as you create new content.

Nope! Everything I teach inside SEO for Teacher Authors can be done on your Blogger blog. I'm even including step-by-step video walkthroughs and SOPs specifically for Blogger users!

Everything I teach inside SEO for Teacher Authors applies to any website on any platform. You'll be able to take what you've learned and apply it on your site, but there may not be specific tech tutorials available. Since this is a founding member launch, I may be able to add tutorials if there's enough interest.

Yes! What you learn in the main course applies to all web pages, including your TPT products. One of the bonus modules is all about applying what you've learned to your TPT product listings.

Bonus - when you are ready to start a blog, the rest of the content will be here so you can get started on the right foot!

Not a problem! You'll be able to submit your questions beforehand, so you can still get the answers you need. And you'll have access to the coaching call recordings inside the course. 

You'll get immediate access to the entire course plus all the bonuses, so you can go through it at your own pace. If you sat down to binge the entire course and do all the accompanying website work all at once, it would probably take you a day to a day and a half. Coaching calls are spread over 4 weeks. 

How does unlimited sound?! You will have unlimited access to the course content, materials and updates!

I'm confident you're going to love this course. You’ll have 7 days once you join to check out the first two modules to see if the information is right for you! If for any reason you are not satisfied, email me within 7 days of your purchase for a full refund. 

Of course! When you join, you get the entire SEO for Teacher Authors course plus 4 group coaching calls with Kristen. You'll also get all the course bonuses: SEO on TPT, SOP & Checklist Library, and the DIY Site Audit for SEO.

Here’s what you get as a member:

  • Module 1: SEO 101
  • Module 2: Keyword Research
  • Module 3: On-Page SEO
  • Module 4: Technical SEO
  • Module 5: Big Picture SEO
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Vault
  • Bonus: 5 Group Coaching Calls - $250 Value
  • Bonus: SEO on TPT  - $100 Value
  • Bonus: SOP & Checklist Library - $50 Value

Total Value $950

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just $297


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